12 Pearls of Speaking and Business Wisdoms From 12 Asian CEOs [Part II]

What does it take to be an artful and effective communicator in Asia? How do you operate in diverse business contexts in Asia and inspire loyalty and buy-in from your people? What it takes for you to constantly stay in peak performance on stage and off?

These were some of the questions that have been brewing within me as a Public Speaking Coach working with over 2,000 corporate clients and executives in Asia.

After 4 painstaking months of researching and unearthing some of the best business leaders, we present to you – ‘INSPIRIT – How Asian CEOs Inspire Action From The Stage’ and it is currently up for pre-ordering athttps://publishizer.com/inspirit/!

Based on the deep insights, experiences and wisdom we’ve derived from 12 Asian CEOs from corporations like LinkedIn, Bain & Company, Maxus (part of GroupM), ONG&ONG etc., this is a public speaking business title that offers you insights on speaking and presenting from some of the best Asian business leaders.

With each CEO, we had an intense and invigorating discussion about how they embraced the platform to build their professional and personal brand, grow their businesses and inspire action from their people.

It was a humbling experience for us to pick up numerous “pearls” of speaking and business wisdom from these CEOs and we present to you a peek into what they have shared with you:

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7. Rebelliousness for a Cause (Irene Ang, Founder & CEO, FLY Entertainment)

Being rebellious in life has also helped me in my life, this rebelliousness is for a cause – to show that it can be done.

The best leaders are unafraid in being their true selves, if and only if, it serves a bigger cause. Renowned local celebrity, show maker, humourist and entrepreneur, Irene Ang, believes that her personality is what appeals to her audience and draws them into possibilities.

This is where an attitude counts. Get it?

8. Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS) (Leslie Loh, Founder, Red Dot Ventures)

“There is always a lot of information that you can deliver. The toughest job is not about how much more information I can add, it’s what I can remove from the feature list and make it so simple and easy to understand.

Investors, angels or business funders – call them whatever you want, but they all are looking to get the most significant amount of returns they desire with the resources they invest. So, don’t bore them with the minutiae.

In this light, Leslie, a self-made entrepreneur and an investor really stands by the maxim – less is really more.

9. Staying Afloat Is About Staying Positive And Away From Energy Vampires (Mohamed Ismail Gafoor, CEO, Propnex)

I see things in a very positive angle most of the time and therefore I am able to hook the positivity in them and it’s very difficult for people to hook me into negativity because I put a iron curtain in front of me, and anyone who is trying to influence with all that negativity will not affect me.

The best leaders and entrepreneurs know they have to stay in the zone of peak performance. Why?

Because your people are always looking up to you for advice, wisdom and energy. Ismail who runs Propnex, the largest realty firm in Singapore, is literally a ball of positive energy and enthusiasm.

10. Be There To Feel The Problem And Offer The Right Solution, Not To Sell Shamelessly! (Ong Lay Bin, MD, O&L Consultancy)

So normally we ask the organiser who are the audience and then we decide how to tackle the presentation effectively. This way, we will not sound like we are selling our services but it’s more to give tips on how to do their businesses overseas.

Lay Bin, who runs an insights and market penetration solutions firm for leading multinationals believe that every opportunity to speak in public is gold.

You draw and pull people in for what you can offer instead of blatantly sell your wares and push messages down the throats of your audience.

11. The Quality Of Your Audience’s Response Is Dependent On The Precision And Depth Of Your Preparation And Audience Awareness (Pradeep Pant, Former President, Asia Pacific and EEMEA, Mondelez International)

So it’s a bit of like an actor on stage. You are on stage you are playing a part, what is the response you want from the audience? You want to make them laugh, why? You want to make them cry, why? You want to move their emotions, why? So get that very clear before you start writing slides as a lot of people do. So what is the story you want to tell and why.

A seasoned senior executive of a global FMCG firm, Pradeep is no stranger to speaking in public and delivering professional presentations.

Yet, he is never complacent and sloppy in how he treats every speaking opportunity because when you are precise in your preparation, you will be effective in the response you garner, period.

12. The Way To The Top Of The Ladder – Clarity And Ability To React Finely Under Pressure (Satish Shankar, Managing Partner, Bain & Company Southeast Asia)

What I look out for in a rising executive? The ability to respond effectively when challenged. So its a tricky balance – not getting defensive, not getting flustered, listening well. Under pressure, sometimes you lose the ability to listen well.

Helming the regional offices of one of the Big 3 management consulting firms in the world means that Satish is blessed with the capability and vantage point to appreciate and manage some of the brightest talents in the world.

You truly know a consultant is worth the salt when he knows his stuff, makes his capabilities known and is unfazed under immense pressure.

After all, they are the crème de la crème, aren’t they?

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